Sterling Silver is one of the most versatile of metals; it looks great when polished, is affordable and can be cleaned yourself with a jewellery cloth and some elbow grease.

When you buy a piece of Sterling Silver jewellery, make sure you look for the 925 mark which indicates the jewellery is made up of at least 92.5% silver alloy. Sterling Silver is always combined with another metal, such as copper, to give it strength as pure silver is very soft and easily damaged.

Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver will tarnish when exposed to the air around it; to minimise the amount of tarnish build up always store your silver jewellery pieces in a cloth or pouch. If your silver jewellery does tarnish, don’t worry, it is very easy to clean with jewellery cleaner or a jewellery cloth, both available at Cooma Jewellers. We also offer the option clean your sterling silver jewellery professionally from as little as $10.

We carry a very large range of Sterling Silver jewellery in store, both within existing jewellery brand ranges or part of our beautiful unbranded silver jewellery range.  Come in and see the sterling silver jewellery range at Cooma Jewellers anytime!