While most people already have one, or several, watches it’s worth noting the reasons and therefore types of watches that people buy – which can often indicate the stage of life that they’re in…

A Fashionable Watch
This is the kind that you buy for now, it’s fashionable, suits your personality (and your outfits), and it’s not going to break your budget.

A Practical Watch
We all know someone who’s watch is more practical than fashionable but thankfully with so many new styles you can often have both.  Dive watches, Chronograph watches, Digital watches, watches for your children, watches with a stop watch facility, even watches with barometer, thermometer and altitude!  The list is endless… and we stock them all!

A Timepiece
This is the watch that is an investment; the decision isn’t made lightly with a lot of research done before the purchase is made.  A timepiece is a classic watch… something that you can pass on to your children.

At Cooma Jewellers we sell them all!  In fact our watch range is chosen very carefully to ensure a good mix of quality and reliable watches to suit all budgets.  Our full range of watches are below:

Seiko watches have been around since 1881, making them one of the oldest and most trusted of watch brands.  In addition to the fact that Seiko are the only watch brand that manufacture their own parts, Cooma Jewellers sell Seiko as their reliability and after-sales service is second to none.  Rarely do we see a Seiko watch returned to the shop and if we do, we can guarantee the Seiko service team will look after and return the watch fixed and ready to go.

We stock Seiko men’s watches and ladies watches.  Seiko watches start from just $229.

A Danish brand, Bering watches are new to Australia and to Cooma Jewellers and Merimbula Jewellers.  With their European sleek style and very affordable price points, they are already proving to be a huge hit.  An additional emphasis on quality means that all Bering watches have Sapphire Crystal faces that come with a lifetime warranty.

Bering watches start from just $129.


TW Steel
European design with Japanese movement, TW Steel oversized watches come in a variety of styles and colours.  Watch faces can be round or rectangle with Roman or numerical dials. All styles are attention grabbing!

TW Steel watches start at just $299.


R.M. Williams
Offering a range of classic timepieces, R.M. Williams have expanded on their well respected country style with their new range of watches.  All R.M. Williams watches are crafted to the highest horological standard, and will not disappoint!

R.M. Williams watches start at just $125.


Pulsar watches came onto the market in 1972 with the first LED watch. Now owned and made by Seiko, Pulsar watches come with the same reliability and after-sales service you can depend on.

Pulsar watches are very affordable, starting at just $119.


Lorus was first launched in Europe in 1992.  Also made and owned by Seiko, Lorus watches range from children’s to adult’s watches.

Concentrating on guaranteed value for money, Lorus watches start from as low as $59.